Jangwhan Han

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In this paper we present a method for automatically generating collection of topics from Wikipedia/Wikibooks based on user input. The constructed collection is intended to be displayed through an intuitive interface as assistance to the user creating Topic Maps for a given subject. We discuss the motivation behind the developed tool and outline the(More)
Temporal databases added a new dimension to traditional transaction databases. This dimension is the life time of each item, i.e. exhibition period, starting from the partition when this item appears in the transaction database to the partition when this item no longer exists. Mining temporal association rules became very interesting topic in many(More)
The essential problem in many data mining applications is mining frequent item sets such as the discovery of association rules, patterns, and many other important discovery tasks. Fast and less memory utilization for solving the problems of frequent item sets are highly required in transactional databases. Methods for mining frequent item sets have been(More)
Mining frequent web access patterns from large data (web log) is one significant application of sequential pattern mining. Web access patterns are set of frequent sub sequences that are useful to know user behaviour in real time in order to make dynamic decisions. Techniques for extracting web access patterns from data available in two flavours: apriori(More)
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