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Patents constitute an up-to-date source of competitive intelligence in technological development; thus, patent analysis has been a vital tool for identifying technological trends. Patent citation analysis is easy to use, but fundamentally has two main limitations: (1) new patents tend to be less cited than old ones and may miss citations to contemporary(More)
This paper proposes a framework to identify and evaluate companies from the technological perspective to support merger and acquisition (M&A) target selection decision-making. This employed a text mining-based patent map approach to identify companies which can fulfill a specific strategic purpose of M&A for enhancing technological capabilities. The patent(More)
This paper suggests a method for Subject–Action–Object (SAO) network analysis of patents for technology trends identification by using the concept of function. The proposed method solves the shortcoming of the keyword-based approach to identification of technology trends, i.e., that it cannot represent how technologies are used or for what purpose. The(More)
In the competitive business environment, early identification of technological opportunities is crucial for technology strategy formulation and research and development planning. There exist previous studies that identify technological directions or areas from a broad view for technological opportunities, while few studies have researched a way to detect(More)
Technology analysis is a process which uses textual analysis to detect trends in technological innovation. Co-word analysis (CWA), a popular method for technology analysis, encompasses (1) defining a set of keyword or key phrase patterns which are represented in technology-dependent terms, (2) generating a network that codifies the relations between(More)
Patent maps showing competition trends in technological development can provide valuable input for decision support on research and development (R&D) strategies. By introducing semantic patent analysis with advantages in representing technological objectives and structures, this paper constructs dynamic patent maps to show technological competition trends(More)
Recently, national governments have tried to improve technology ecology, by formulating research and development (R&D) policies and investing in R&D programs. For strategically designed national R&D plans, analytic approaches that identify and assess the impact of each technology from short-term and long-term perspectives are necessary. Further, in(More)