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A soft-bodied robot made of smart soft composite with inchworm-inspired locomotion capable of both two-way linear and turning movement has been proposed, developed, and tested. The robot was divided into three functional parts based on the different functions of the inchworm: the body, the back foot, and the front foot. Shape memory alloy wires were(More)
This paper presents a biomimetic turtle flipper actuator consisting of a shape memory alloy composite structure for implementation in a turtle-inspired autonomous underwater vehicle. Based on the analysis of the Chelonia mydas, the flipper actuator was divided into three segments containing a scaffold structure fabricated using a 3D printer. According to(More)
In this study, a crawling robot belonging to soft morphing structures using a shape memory alloy (SMA) wires embedded smart soft composite (SSC) was designed and fabricated. In order to obtain a high movement speed, the active components, SMA wires, were placed to go through the whole body to increase robot stride length. Then, the performances of the(More)
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