Jang-Ting Chen

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This paper presents a fast mode decision algorithm for H.264 intra prediction based on dominant edge strength (DES). In H.264 intra prediction, the computation-extensive rate distortion optimization (RDO) technique with full intra mode search is used to select the best mode for each macroblock. To reduce the computational load in mode decision, the DES(More)
This paper studies geometric design of developable composite Bézier surfaces from two boundary curves. The number of degrees of freedom (DOF) is characterized for the surface design by deriving and counting the developability constraints imposed on the surface control points. With a first boundary curve freely chosen, ð2m þ 3Þ, ðm þ 4Þ, and five DOFs are(More)
This paper presents a novel approach that automatically generates interference-free tool path for five-axis flank milling of ruled surface. A boundary curve of the machined surface is subdivided into curve segments. Each segment works as a guide curve in the design method for developable Bézier surface that controls a developable patch for approximating the(More)
This paper presents a novel approach that generates tool path for five-axis flank milling. Two geometric algorithms are proposed for approximating a ruled surface with a series of developable patches. First, develop ability is obtained in certain regions through re-parameterization of the directrices of the ruled surface. The second algorithm places the(More)
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