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This research explores any potential for an on-chip cache compression which can reduce not only cache miss ratio but also miss penalty, if main memory is also managed in compressed form. However, decompression time causes a critical effect on the memory access time and variable-sized compressed blocks tend to increase the design complexity of the compressed(More)
This article describes NuSCR, a formal software requirements specification method for digital plant protection system in nuclear power plants. NuSCR improves the readability and specifiability by providing graphical or tabular notations depending on the type of operations. NuSCR specifications can be formally analyzed for completeness, consistency, and(More)
Optical activity is the result of chiral molecules interacting differently with left versus right circularly polarized light. Because of this intrinsic link to molecular structure, the determination of optical activity through circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy has long served as a routine method for obtaining structural information about chemical and(More)
Controllers in safety critical systems such as nuclear power plants often use Function Block Diagrams (FBDs) to design embedded software. The design program are translated into programming languages such as C to compile it into machine code for particular target hardware. It is required to verify equivalence between the design and the implementation ,(More)
The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a digital computer which has been widely used for nuclear RPSs (Reactor Protection Systems). There is increasing concern that such RPSs are being threatened because of its complexity, maintenance cost, security problems, etc. Recently, nuclear industry is developing FPGA-based RPSs to provide diversity or to change(More)
SUMMARY Automated and effective testing for function block diagram (FBD) programs has become an important issue, as FBD is increasingly used in implementing safety-critical systems. This work describes an automated test case generation technique for FBD programs and its associated tool—FBDTester. Given an FBD program and desired test coverage criteria,(More)