Jang-Sik Park

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In this letter, a postprocessing method using the Wiener filtering technique is proposed to reduce the residual crosstalk in frequency-domain independent component analysis (FDICA). By the proposed method, the target signal components remain with little attenuation while the interference components are suppressed. The experimental results show that the(More)
161 Abstract— Recently, According to increasing interest to original sound Karaoke instrument, MIDI type karaoke manufacturer attempt to make more cheap method instead of original recoding method. Separating technique for singing voice from music accompaniment is very useful in such equipment. We propose a system to separate singing voice from music(More)
The vibrating wire sensor is the structural health monitoring sensor which uses the vibration signal induced from the tension difference of a sensor attached to a structure. Vibrating wire sensors have produced by tuning the tension manually through measuring the frequency of the vibrating wire then fixed by pressing both ends of wire. Therefore, the(More)
This study presents an approach for gender recognition problem in 3D space. Studies have shown that anatomic cues supply distinctive information for visual gender recognition. Vertical, horizontal and depth coordinates of 20 different joints of a walking pedestrian are extracted. Intra-class based means of the whole of 60 features are calculated. In next(More)
In this paper, an approach for video fire detection is proposed. The basic idea is fire has a highly varying texture and waits at the same location for long consecutive periods. Since pixel-wise framework has high algorithmic cost, a patch-wise periodical analysis of fire colored moving pixels in terms of consecutive re-occurrence in a given duration is(More)
In this paper, an approach for video smoke detection is proposed. The basic idea is smoke has a highly varying chrominance/luminance texture in long periods. Since smoke has no shape, it also creates high shape changes in long periods. In this paper, two kinds of histogram are employed to observe change in luminance/chrominance texture and shape. Linearly(More)