Jang-Jiin Wu

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Recently, more and more applications provide multiparty communication services, e.g., video conferencing, distance learning, etc. Therefore, the routing problem of multicast with multiple quality of service (QoS) constraints becomes more important. For example, in order to ensure smooth play back of audio and video data, a video conference requires(More)
Downlink broadcast in LTE-Advanced and WiMAX-based relay networks is a crucial service for multimedia delivery. Currently most research effort goes into devising efficient resource allocation mechanisms to achieve more efficient resource utilization. However, spatial reuse, an important technique to improve transmission capacity, has received little(More)
Internet of things (IoT) has been considered as one of the most promising technologies over the next decade. One of the basic requirements of IoT is the global communication connectivity between smart objects. LTE-A has been considered as the main communication channel for connecting devices. For this reason, the machine-type communication (MTC) has been(More)
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