Jang-Hyoun Youm

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In this paper, an improved space-vector-based hysteresis current controller (SVBHCC) is proposed. The controller determines a set of space vectors from a region detector and applies a space voltage vector selected according to the main HCC. A set of space vectors including the zero voltage vector to reduce the number of switchings is determined from the(More)
Because of the quantity of demand power depends on the power consumption of power demands on the loads, the utility grid has to secure a supply of electric energy which is larger than the required power consumption under peak load-condition. It means that the waste of electric power could be heavy at the other time than peak-load period. To avoid the waste(More)
In the modern industry, the motor control is required for the accurate position control. Particularly, the frequent acceleration and deceleration are operated in the robot control. Also, the short time of acceleration and deceleration is demanded for the reduction of process cycle. However, in case the inertia of motor is large, the vibration of motor is(More)
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