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Biased PNG law for impact with angular constraint
A new homing guidance law is proposed to impact a target with a desired attitude angle. It is a variation of the conventional proportional navigation guidance (PNG) law which includes a supplementaryExpand
Improved Kalman filter design for three-dimensional radar tracking
The problem of three-dimensional (3D) radar tracking is considered. The usual tracking filter design relying on first-order (or linear) approximations leads to poor convergence and erratic filterExpand
Efficient use of digital road map in various positioning for ITS
The proposed approach represents that in addition to its original visual display, an accurate digital road-map can improve the positioning accuracy effectively by correcting the vehicle's position by estimating a large bias being the main source of errors and corrects a vehicle's location. Expand
Extension of strapdown attitude algorithm for high-frequency base motion
In this paper, we have expanded an application of the rotation vector concept to develop an efficient attitude algorithm for a strapdown system under a coning base motion. The proposed algorithmExpand
The interior-point method for an optimal treatment of bias in trilateration location
It is demonstrated that the new three-stage estimator successfully computes an accurate location of an MS in a realistic environment setting and shows that the iterated least square (ILS) accuracy can be improved to about 17 m in a typical urban environment. Expand
Adaptive two‐stage Kalman filter in the presence of unknown random bias
Two adaptive filters, such as an adaptive fading Kalman filter (AFKF) and an adaptive two-stage Kalman filters (ATKF), are proposed, which are designed by using the forgetting factor obtained from the innovation information and the stability of the AFKF is analysed. Expand
Lever Arm Compensation for GPS/INS/Odometer Integrated System
For more accurate navigation, lever arm compensation is considered. The compensation method for GPS and an odometer is introduced and new compensation methods are proposed for an odometer to considerExpand
A mitigation of line-of-sight by TDOA error modeling in wireless communication system.
Test results show that the proposed methods continuously provide subscribers a reasonably accurate location under the NLOS environments. Expand
GPS multipath detection based on sequence of successive-time double-differences
The proposed channelwise test statistic is particularly efficient in multipath detection and operationally advantageous: it requires only basic observables, it requires no precomputation of receiver position, it has standard /spl chi//sup 2/-distributions, and it can reduce the detection resolution by increasing the number of successive measurements. Expand
Adaptive Two-Stage Extended Kalman Filter for a Fault-Tolerant INS-GPS Loosely Coupled System
The well-known conventional Kalman filter requires an accurate system model and exact stochastic information. But in a number of situations, the system model has an unknown bias, which may degradeExpand