Jang Eui Hong

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Cognitive radio (CR) wireless parameter optimizationis a typical multi-objective optimization problem. In order to design wireless parameters, a multiobjective immune genetic algorithm is presented based on non-dominated sort in this paper. Comparative studies are performed between the proposed algorithm and NSGA-II by the use of four typical(More)
Survivability is an important guarantee of the combat system under network combat environment. To appraise a system properly, it's necessary to establish a valid method for evaluating the survivability. According to the characteristics of network war system, this paper studies the primary factors which have important influence on the survivability of such a(More)
Petri nets is a very useful language to analyze and model system formally. Recently, many Petri nets mania devote their eeorts to enhance and/or extend the expressive power of Petri nets. One of these eeorts is to extend Petri nets with object-oriented concepts. Object-oriented paradigm provides very excellent concepts to model real-world problems.(More)
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