Janez Zerovnik

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Cartesian graph bundles is a class of graphs that is a generalization of the Cartesian graph products. Let G be a kG-connected graph and Dc(G) denote the diameter of G after deleting any of its c < kG vertices. We prove that Da+b+1(G) Da(F ) + Db(B)+ 1 if G is a graph bundle with fibre F over base B, a < kF , and b < kB . © 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights(More)
An algebraic approach is proposed which can be used to solve different problems on fasciagraphs and rotagraphs. A particular instance of this method computes the domination number of fasciagraphs and rotagraphs in O(logn) time, where n is the number of monographs of such a graph. Fasciagraphs and rotagraphs include complete grid graphs Pk 0 P, and graphs Ck(More)