Janez Vosner

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BACKGROUND When nurse education has moved away from a hospital based apprenticeship to a higher education institutions and new EU legislature enabled nurse workforce mobility, the term "competence" became an important concept in nurse education and practice. However, there is still a lot of confusion about its definition, how it should be assessed and(More)
Information and communication technologies (ICT) can enrich elderly people's lives in various ways. The objective of this interventional quasi-experimental research study among elderly people in Slovenia and Finland is to present associations and relations between computer/Internet use, physical activity and social inclusion before and after a ICT(More)
Information and communication technology is developing rapidly and it is incorporated in many health care processes, but in spite of that fact we can still notice that nursing informatics competencies had received limited attention in basic nursing education curricula in Europe and especially in Eastern European countries. The purpose of the present paper(More)
INTRODUCTION The nursing profession requires sophisticated interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, which is why numerous nursing curricula are being developed all across the world. The aim of the study was to assess students' perspectives about competences, defined by the Tuning project, they acquired and developed since enrolment in the undergraduate(More)
Aging of population is an inevitable process by which the number of elderly people is increasing. Rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) is changing basic needs of elderly people; therefore society should ensure opportunities for elderly to learn and use ICT in a way to manage their daily life activities and in this way enable(More)
BACKGROUND Nursing informatics competence is a prerequisite for successful information management, evidence-based practices optimizing patient care health promotion, and communication with information communication technology-literate patients. METHOD The aim of this study was to assess the trends in the production of nursing informatics competence(More)
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