Janez Trontelj

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This paper presents the architecture, methodology, circuit design technique and measured results of a low voltage (2.6 V), fully differential, low-noise, programmable gain "microphone" amplifier, differential bandgap reference and low-voltage programmable gain "power" amplifier. They can be used in a low supply voltage analogue front-end for digital voice(More)
Research, design, fabrication and results of various screen printed capacitive humidity sensors is presented in this paper. Two types of capacitive humidity sensors have been designed and fabricated via screen printing on recycled paper and cardboard, obtained from the regional paper and cardboard industry. As printing ink, commercially available silver(More)
This work demonstrates the developed application for disinfection control by the sensing of chemical agents. The objective was to develop an Automatic Disinfectant Tracker (ADT) that would verify the disinfection of the hands of nurses, doctors, staff, patients, and visitors in hospitals within a required time frame. We have successfully investigated the(More)
An inductive linear displacement measurement microsystem realized as a monolithic Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is presented. The system comprises integrated microtransformers as sensing elements, and analog front-end electronics for signal processing and demodulation, both jointly fabricated in a conventional commercially available(More)
This article describes an effective, low-cost solution for sequential, one-time programming (OTP) and verification of zener diodes in an electronic micro-system. Using the proper structures of zener diodes (also known as 'zener zap') in a standard CMOS process, it is possible to achieve better accuracy in high-precision integrated circuits. For this purpose(More)