Janez Levec

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A Hybrid modeling approach, combining an analytical model with a radial basis function neural network is introduced in this paper. The modeling procedure is combined with genetic algorithm based feature selection designed to select informative variables from the set of available measurements. By only using informative inputs, the model's generalization(More)
The performance of new FTIR-based monitoring technology to representatively determine reaction kinetics has been demonstrated on an example of homogeneously catalyzed liquid-phase sucrose hydrolysis to fructose and glucose. The reaction kinetics were investigated by using the ReactIR 1000 reaction analysis system, which enables determination of the(More)
Kinetics and product analysis of detritylation of N-tritylamlodipine by benzenesulfonic acid in methanol, methanol-chloroform (volume ratio 9:1), ethanol, 2-propanol, and methanol/2-propanol (mole ratio 1:1) have been investigated by HPLC; amongst these reaction conditions are ones closely similar to those of one method of manufacturing amlodipine(More)
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