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Sustainable production as a global word, content important elements on all the fields as well as machining processes. Machining can be performed either on conventional or nowadays modern CNC way. Novel machining processes are based on CNC programmable technologies containing elements as CAD, CAM, etc. To define sustainable production as the creation of(More)
High Performance Manufacturing (HPM) technology comprises new developments to reduce primary process times and lead times significantly by the means of enhanced cutting abilities, adapted tooling and machine concepts combined with integrated examination and optimization of the process chain. The overall objective of High Performance Manufacturing is to(More)
Contemporary cutting tools used for High Speed Cutting (HSC), made on the basis of micro-grained cemented carbides with multi-layer protective coating, allow for effective machining of hardened and tempered steels of hardness over 50 HRc. The characteristic wear of such tools is affected by the fact that the cutting speed is no longer the main influential(More)
  • Janez Kopač, Mateja Grošelj, Breda Barbič-Žagar, STRANICA SPONZORA
  • 2015
SUMMARY: Krka has over 25 years of experience in the production of high-quality medicines acting on the renin-anigotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) and has become one of the leading producers of them in Europe. Since its fi rst introduction of a medicine acting on RAAS it has been performing international clinical studies in order to monitor the effi cacy(More)
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