Janette M. Vincent

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To determine the accuracy of computed tomographic intravenous cholangiography (CT-IVC) for detection of choledocholithiasis. Sixty-five patients undergoing endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERC) underwent CT-IVC prior to ERC, using a single detector helical CT following intravenous infusion of 100 ml iotroxate. Patients with bilirubin levels >3 times(More)
Two examples of a marked defect of the corner of the vertebral body adjacent to an intervertebral disk herniation are presented. The prevalence of this finding was assessed in 43 randomly selected patients with disk herniation (at 46 levels). None of these patients had such marked vertebral defects (moderate changes at 3 levels; minor in 23). Although the(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effect of patient positioning on the position of the kidneys and their consequent projection onto plain radiographs, thus ascertaining the need for special preoperative imaging. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fourteen patients were studied by obtaining fine (5-mm)-cut contrast-enhanced CT scans in the pyelogram phase in both the supine and(More)
The radiological features of lobar and segmental liver atrophy and compensatory hypertrophy associated with biliary obstruction are important to recognise for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. Atrophied lobes/segments reduce in volume and usually contain crowded dilated bile ducts extending close to the liver surface. There is often a " step " in the(More)
High frequency jet devices are not only used as 'internal percussors' to aid clearance of pulmonary secretions, but are also a mode of ventilatory support. As physical stimuli can cause bronchospasm in asthmatic individuals, we hypothesized that direct airway vibration may induce bronchospasm. To ascertain whether an airway vibration jet device could cause(More)
Bird fancier's lung, the most common form of extrinsic allergic alveolitis in Britain, can be a difficult diagnostic problem. The symptoms are non-specific, often insidious in onset and frequently misdiagnosed as influenza or a viral or bacterial pneumonia. Frequently there is a delay in eliciting the history of exposure to the antigen. The chest radiograph(More)
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