Janette J. Meyer

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A split spectrum processing technique using a novel moving bandwidth minimization (MBM) method was developed to detect multiple specular targets having different spectral characteristics. Mathematical morphology (MM) algorithms were also implemented in order to compare the results. An experimental approach to optimal parameter determination is described.(More)
The effectiveness of many structural health monitoring techniques depends on the placement of sensors and the location of input forces. Algorithms for determining optimal sensor and forcing locations typically require data, either simulated or measured, from the damaged structure. Embedded sensitivity functions provide an approach for determining the best(More)
This paper presents a new technique for identifying cracks in wind turbine blades undergoing operational loads using the Vibro-Acoustic Modulation technique. Vibro-Acoustic Modulation utilizes a low frequency pumping excitation signal in conjunction with a high frequency probing excitation signal to create the modulation that is used to identify cracks.(More)
This research focuses on the development of a novel damage detection and communication methodology that directly incorporates the ability to detect and communicate external loads and information about the material state without the need to add physical sensors. To accomplish this goal, ultrasmall CdSe (Cadmium Selenide) white-light emitting nanocrystals are(More)
In this paper a fusion algorithm for the detection of specular echoes blurred by coloured Gaussian noise is proposed. The phase and energy criteria, characteristic of these echoes, are handled separately. First, the detection capabilities of split spectrum (phase) and short time Fourier transform spectrogram (energy) are compared theoretically and(More)
Mitigating human errors is a priority in the design of complex systems, especially through the use of body area networks. This paper describes early developments of a dynamic data driven platform to predict operator error and trigger appropriate intervention before the error happens. Using a two-stage process, data was collected using several sensors (e.g.,(More)
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