Janette F McCabe

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OBJECTIVES To determine whether the quality of hospital inpatient care can be improved by using checklists and reminders in clinical pathways. DESIGN Comparison of key indicators before and after the introduction of clinical pathways incorporating daily checklists and reminders of best practice integrated into patient medical records. SETTING AND(More)
OBJECTIVE The main purpose of this paper is to present a new method of predicting clinical performance using mechanical loading in a ball mill. METHODS A series of four experiments (two involving a hybrid composite and one each on orthodontic brackets and bands) is described in which the ball mill was used to subject specimens to mechanical fatigue. (More)
The mean strength that has traditionally been taken as a measurement of the strength of a material does not reflect the true strength, and therefore it cannot be used as a design parameter. This explains why many brittle materials fail at unpredictable stress, either below or above the mean strength. By using Weibull statistics, the prediction and(More)
This study investigated the physiological responses and performances for 20 fire fighters when completing simulated forcible entry tests. The purpose was to establish the validity of using a tire striking test and to examine the effects of varying the test parameters. The tests consisted of striking a reinforced structure and a weighted truck tire on a(More)
The variables of reproduction cue, activity during retention interval, and orientation of the recall movement were manipulated to assess simultaneously the viability of two hypotheses of motor short-term memory. Data partially supported hypotheses as positive response biasing was evident in recall after a filled retention interval (Pepper & Herman, 1970)(More)
Dynamic creep tests on specimens of dental amalgam gave a relationship between creep (epsilon), applied dynamic stress (sigma), and number of applied stress cycles (N) as epsilon = AN (m sigma + c) where A, m, and c are constants. This equation can be used to predict creep of amalgam at low levels of stress and extended times. The pattern of results(More)
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