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BACKGROUND The clinical significance of inflammation on the cervical Papanicolaou (Pap) smear of asymptomatic women is unknown. This study assessed the possible association between inflammation on Pap smears with the presence of cervical/vaginal pathogens. METHODS A questionnaire was given to 290 asymptomatic women seen for routine gynecologic(More)
Introduction: One of the most important jobs of an anesthesiology is to preserve an adequate gaseous exchange. With the coming in the 80’s of the laryngeal mask airway, a less invasive technique was introduced for this end. There are a lot of variants of these supraglotic issues, being the i-gel a no inflate mask; witch principle is to provide a(More)
Twenty one subjects with sistemic arterial hypertension and arteriographic signs of obstructive lesion of the renal artery were studied and classified in 3 groups: group A, 13 cases with bilateral renovascular lesions; group B, 4 patients with unilateral renovascular stenosis and group C, formed by 4 subjects with a segmental branch stenosis of a renal(More)
The administration of beta blockers has been useful in the treatment of essential hypertension. The anti-hypertensive effect of the beta-blocker sotalol was evaluated in 28 patients with essential hypertension. In all of the patients a determination of urinary aldosterone and plasma renin activity, before and after, three months of treatment with sotalol(More)
Brunner, Laragh et al. have suggested that essential hypertensives with low plasma renin activity (PRA) are at lower risk of myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular accidents than those with high or normal PRA levels. In this paper we report on 63 patients with essential hypertension in whom the relation between PRA and the ocurrence of cardiovascular(More)
17125 Background: Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is an aggressive disease characterized by rapid growth and early metastasis. Actually, the treatment of choice for advanced SCLC is cisplatin combined with etoposide. For these patients 9 to 12 months are the expected survival, overall response is 61%-78 % and complete response rate is 10%-14%. Despite of(More)
7355 Background: Lung cancer is a common disease in elderly patients. However, age alone is a very uncertain prognostic criteria for outcome and tolerance to treatment. Despite some meta-analysis have shown that performance status is a better criteria for treatment decision, elderly patients were poorly represented. METHODS We analyzed data from 82(More)
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