Janeth Alcalá

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This paper studies the performance of the Back to Back converter to control the power flow between two interconnected AC systems under unbalance grid voltage and voltage sag conditions. The first one system is considered the electrical grid, and the second one a Double Feed Induction Generator. To maintain the power transference under these disturbances a(More)
This paper presents a comparison of two control strategies applied to a Single-Phase Back to Back converter. Both techniques use two loops: one inner current loop and an outer voltage loop. The first control strategy is based on a classical PI control. The second one uses a control scheme to decouple the active and reactive component of the input current,(More)
Single phase back to back (SPBTB) converter is widely used for power transfer in order to increase the performance of electrical power systems; however to take advantage of a SPBTB response it is necessary to avoid over-modulation conditions. This paper deals with an analytical procedure to obtain a SPBTB operating region to guarantee power transfer of each(More)
This paper presents the design and simulation of adaptive PI controllers for doubly fed induction generators using b-spline neural networks. The control structure is based on a back-to-back arrangement where the interest variables are regulated by PI linear controllers. Also, to deal with the nonlinear and uncertain system conditions, we proposed that the(More)
In this work, a control structure to maintain the power flow transference in renewable energy systems based on wind turbines operating under unbalanced voltage conditions is presented. In the proposed scheme, the Back-to-Back (BTB) converter preserves the electrical cogeneration under the occurrence of voltage sags type B, C and D in three-phase systems.(More)
This paper discusses a Back-to-Back (BTB) power converter based solution to avoid the overloaded operation of two low voltage feeders operating in parallel. With this purpose the BTB converter based on eight conditions of operation is proposed as means to exchange load between feeders to prevent overload conditions and balance the load on power transformers.
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