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The aerial architecture of flowering plants is determined to a large extent by shoot growth and shoot branching arising from the initiation and growth of axillary meristems. We have identified an Arabidopsis mutant, supershoot (sps), which is characterized by a massive overproliferation of shoots, such that a single plant can generate 500 or more(More)
We measured the level of xylem-derived cytokinins (CKs) entering a cotton leaf, and the CK levels in the same leaf, thus enabling xylem sap and foliar CKs to be compared concurrently. Although zeatin was the dominant CK in xylem sap, zeatin, dihydrozeatin, and N(6)-(2-isopentenyl) adenine were present in approximately equimolar levels in leaves. Elevated(More)
Accurately estimating the code size, cost, effort and schedule is probably the leading vital challenge facing code developers lately. It's major implications for the management of code development as a consequences of every the overestimates and underestimates have direct impact for inflicting damage to code companies. Heap of models square measure(More)
Duration and F0 were studied in a set of 111 Malay words produced by two female native speakers of Malay in order to identify the citation pattern. This preliminary study seemed to provide strong evidence for penultimate stress. Seen in a wider context, the evidence collapsed, and it became clear that Malay does not have word stress at all. The search for(More)
Establishment of cells in tissue culture from Barrett's columnar epithelium has been difficult. The aim of this study was to develop a successful tissue culture method employing a serum-free medium for cultivation of Barrett's epithelial cells. Fragments of Barrett's mucosal tissue were explanted in a 3:1 mixture of Dulbecco's modification of Eagle's medium(More)
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