Janet W. Campbell

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[1] Results of a single-blind round-robin comparison of satellite primary productivity algorithms are presented. The goal of the round-robin exercise was to determine the accuracy of the algorithms in predicting depth-integrated primary production from information amenable to remote sensing. Twelve algorithms, developed by 10 teams, were evaluated by(More)
—The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiome-ter (MODIS) will add a significant new capability for investigating the 70% of the earth's surface that is covered by oceans, in addition to contributing to the continuation of a decadal scale time series necessary for climate change assessment in the oceans. Sensor capabilities of particular importance for(More)
Nine patients with complete cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) had their vastus medialis, tibialis anterior, and gastrocnemius muscles evaluated with an electromyographic (EMG) examination in the acute (four to eight weeks) and chronic (more than one year) phases. The hypothesis that spontaneous EMG activity changes with time was assessed. During the chronic(More)
This is the semi-annual technical report for the period January through July 2001 for the Execution Phase of my MODIS Instrument Team investigator project. The objectives of this work are: • Establish a protocol for developing regional or site-specific bio-optical algorithms for coastal " case 2 " waters. • Prescribe a protocol for " stitching together "(More)
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