Janet Timms

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Researchers conducted a retrospective review of 127 hospital records over a 3-month period to examine factors related to early hospital readmissions of patients age 65 and over. The leading diagnoses resulting in early readmissions were related to heart and circulatory problems, with a mean of 12.5 days between discharge and readmission. Gaps in(More)
A method of 'rearing and maintaining chickens from day old to 80 weeks of age free from infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, infectious avian encephalomyelitis, CELO and GAL viruses, lymphoid leukosis, Marek's disease, Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Salmonella pullorum and other Salmonella spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Eimeria spp. and helminths is(More)
Plastic tent isolators for the rearing and maintenance of chickens from day-old to 80 weeks of age free from a number of pathogens have been evaluated. The use of individual ventilation units for each isolator has been compared with a central plant capable of supplying several isolators and has been found to be more efficient and have lower running costs.
  • Janet Timms
  • Journal of continuing education in nursing
  • 1995
The growing elderly population with diverse and complex health care needs requires increased attention to educational preparation for nurses who provide their care. This article describes a needs assessment effort that reinforces the importance of using a variety of strategies to collect data to facilitate planning relevant educational offerings. Results of(More)