Janet Thygesen

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The methods commonly used for phase determination in biological crystallography are single and multiple isomorphous replacement (SIR or MIR). Both require the preparation of derivatives, usually by introducing electron-dense compounds into the crystalline lattice at a limited number of distinct locations while keeping the crystal parameters isomorphous with(More)
Preliminary electron density maps of the large and the small ribosomal particles from halophilic and thermophilic sources, phased by the isomorphous replacement method, have been constructed at intermediate resolution. These maps contain features comparable in size with what is expected for the corresponding particles, and their packing arrangements are in(More)
Implementing and maintaining complicated manufacturing processes in an error-free mode is essential to the survival of any manufacturing business. One essential element to realizing error-free manufacturing is saving learning and making it readily available to those who need it, on a system that is easy to develop and use. A knowledge based tool, DEPICT(More)
Preliminary phases were determined by the application of the isomorphous replacement method at low and intermediate resolution for structure factor amplitudes collected from crystals of large and small ribosomal subunits from halophilic and thermophilic bacteria. Derivatization was performed with dense heavy atom clusters, either by soaking or by specific(More)
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