Janet Sternberg

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Wherever groups of people gather, norms for appropriate behavior emerge, and some people chose to violate those norms. What is an exercise of free speech to one person, to another is disruptive, harassing, racist, or worse. For groups that communicate online, a range of technical and social mechanisms are available to help create a climate conducive to(More)
from a low-income population in relation to social and societal contexts. birth order-creativity connection: The role of sibling constellation creativity. review of "The psychology of sex differences". home environments of children in the United States Part II: Relations with behavioral development through age thirteen. Head Start children's developmental(More)
1 am honored to have been invited to give this keynote address at the second Annual Media Ecology Convention. I want to express my great admiration for Lance Strate and Janet Stern-berg and all the others who made this event possible. Marshall McLuhan is incredible. Harold Adams Innis is great. Eric Havelock is wonderful. Walter Ong is amazing. May their(More)
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