Janet Stern Solomon

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1. Whole-cell and perforated patch recording techniques were used to examine the activation, deactivation and inactivation of the time-dependent hyperpolarization-activated inward currents (Ih) in isolated superior colliculus-projecting (SCP) neurons from rat primary visual cortex. 2. Examination of inward current waveforms revealed the presence of two(More)
1. In vivo injections of rhodamine beads into the superior colliculus of 4-9 postnatal day rat pups label a population of layer 5 cells in the primary visual cortex that can be identified in tissue sections or dissociated cell cultures. 2. Under voltage clamp, hyperpolarizations of isolated superior colliculus-projecting (SCP) neurons from rest elicit an(More)
Using the whole-cell patch-clamp technique, Ca2+ channel currents were examined in three distinct types of neurons derived from rat primary visual cortex. Callosal-projecting and superior colliculus-projecting neurons were identified following in vivo retrograde labeling with fluorescent "beads." A subset of intrinsic GABAergic visual cortical neurons was(More)
Combining in vivo retrograde labeling and in vitro electrophysiological recording techniques, we examined the distributions, densities, and biophysical properties of hyperpolarization-activated inward currents in two types of isolated, identified visual cortical projection neurons, superior colliculus-projecting (SCP) and callosal-projecting (CP) cells. In(More)
Prior research has indicated that groups using Negotiation Support Systems (NSS) achieve better outcomes than face-to-face groups. However, these studies indicate that the main source of value added is provided by the Decision Support System (DSS) component, with very little additional value provided by the electronic communication component. This study(More)
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