Janet Sorbie

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Serum ferritin concentration was determined in 1105 Canadians aged 1 to 90 years. Geometric mean values (ng/ml) were as follows: children 1 to 4 years old, 12; children 5 to 9 years old, 15; adolescent girls, 17; adolescent boys, 18; women 20 to 39 years, 23; women 65 years and older, 52; men 20 to 39 years, 93; and men 40 and older, 92. Ranges were side in(More)
Iron absorption is under delicate control and the level of absorption is adjusted to comply with the body's need for iron. To measure the intestinal setting for iron absorption, and thereby indirectly assess body iron requirements, cobaltous chloride labelled with (57)Co or (60)Co was given by mouth and the percentage of the test dose excreted in the urine(More)
The average gastrointestinal uptake 4 h after an intragastric dose of 400 nmol of cadmium chloride labeled with 109CdCl2 in iron-deficient mice, 25%, was significantly greater than the result, 16%, in iron-normal animals, and more cadmium entered the body of the former, 3.8%, than the latter, 2% (P less than 0.05). Between 4 and 72 h, gastrointestinal(More)
With increasing usage of many types of total elbow replacements, there is a continuing need for clinical series that report survivorship, complications and revisions, and performance of single types of implants over extended time periods. The purpose of this study was to assess the long-term effectiveness of all implants of the Sorbie-QUESTOR (SQ) unlinked(More)
The mouse with X-linked anaemia [sla] has a defect in iron absorption which can be temporarily reversee by feeding a low iron diet. Duodenal non-haem iron was significantly higher in the sla than in the normal mouse on an iron supplemented diet but non-haem iron was reduced to minute amounts when the mice were fed a low iron diet. Gel chromatography on(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify which women's health issues are taught in the 2-year core curriculum of Canadian family medicine residency programs and whether educators think their current teaching of women's health is adequate. DESIGN Mailed survey using a questionnaire. PARTICIPANTS All program and unit directors of the 16 Canadian family medicine residency(More)
A 6-month double-blind crossover trial compared ketoprofen with placebo in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea in 27 women who satisfied explicit inclusion and exclusion criteria. The response to treatment was assessed with a pain scale and a disability scale and by noting amelioration of associated symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue,(More)
We assessed the value of an alternative light source for detecting white composite dental materials in burned and unburned teeth. Teeth filled with 18 different restorative materials (composite, glass ionomer or hybrid composite), were viewed with a Polilight. Between 415 nm and 555 nm, the glass ionomers showed distinctly different optical properties from(More)