Janet Schmidt

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In flowering plants, the developing embryo consists of growing populations of cells whose fates are determined in a position-dependent manner to form the adult organism. Mutations in the FACKEL (FK) gene affect body organization of the Arabidopsis seedling. We report that FK is required for cell division and expansion and is involved in proper organization(More)
The exposure to aflatoxin B1 (AFB) in animal-feed processing plants was assessed using binding of AFB to serum albumin. The albumin fraction was digested with pronase, and the digest was purified on a C18 Sepak column and an aflatest affinity column before quantification by ELISA. The level of detectability was 5 pg/mg albumin. The workers served as their(More)
Six Drosophila melanogaster tumor suppressor genes causing malignant or benign tumors in specific cell types are described. The wild-type alleles of these genes are instrumental in the differentiation of particular cell types. In the homozygous state, recessive mutations in the genes interrupt the differentiation of the cells and thus cause their(More)
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