Janet S Shelfer

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Elderly patients with balance problems are at high risk for falls. When these same patients are also on anticoagulants, the consequences of a fall can be serious. Anticoagulant therapy increases the risk of cerebral hemorrhage. Even mild head trauma can cause a fatal cerebral hemorrhage when anticoagulants are used. However, this risk needs to be weighed(More)
PURPOSE Ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (oVEMPs) are used to describe utricular/superior vestibular nerve function; however, optimal recording parameters have not been fully established. This study investigated the effect of repetition rate on air-conducted oVEMPs. METHOD Ten healthy adults were evaluated using 500-Hz tone bursts (4-ms(More)
BACKGROUND Allowing Medicare beneficiaries to self-refer to audiologists for evaluation of hearing loss has been advocated as a cost-effective service delivery model. Resistance to audiology direct access is based, in part, on the concern that audiologists might miss significant otologic conditions. PURPOSE To evaluate the relative safety of audiology(More)
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