Janet S. S. Wong

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Both tubular and spherical densities have been described in postsynaptic processes of mice with clinical scrapie. To determine whether the tubular appearances resulted from tubular structures or from overlap of spherical particles, electron microscopic examination was performed by tilting the specimen through large angles. In every instance where such could(More)
BACKGROUND The role of anti-viral therapy in prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) recurrence is to be defined. AIM To investigate the role of anti-viral therapy in prevention of tumour recurrence after curative treatment of hepatitis B virus (HBV)-related HCC. METHODS A systematic electronic search on keywords including HCC and different(More)
This paper describes the successful use of funnel-web antivenom in two severe cases of envenomation from bites by a male funnel-web spider, Atrax robustus. Rapid resolution of the syndrome occurred in both cases. Although the first patient, a 49-year-old man, may have slowly recovered without antivenom, it is unlikely that the other patient, a(More)
The surface forces apparatus has been combined with fluorescence recovery after photobleaching to measure translational diffusion of polymer confined between mica sheets. This article presents findings using polydimethylsiloxane with number-average molecular weight Mn 1⁄4 2200 g mol , the chains end-labeled with soluble fluorescent dye. Melts with thickness(More)
Several instrumental developments to examine the spectroscopic response of molecularly thin fluids confined between mica sheets are described. They are predicated on using a redesigned surface forces apparatus where dielectric coatings, transparent to light at needed optical wavelengths, retain the ability to measure interferometric thickness at other(More)
A novel methodology, based on the use of phosphorescence imaging, is applied to determine the local through-thickness velocity profile of lubricant in an elastohydrodynamic contact. The technique has spatial and temporal resolutions of 40 μm and 340 μs respectively and thus allows lubricant rheology to be investigated at conditions close to service(More)
Terpolymer raspberry vesicles contain domains of different chemical affinities. They are potential candidates as multi-compartment cargo carriers. Their efficacy depends on their stability and load capacity. Using a model star terpolymer system in an aqueous solution, a dissipative particle dynamic (DPD) simulation is employed to investigate how equilibrium(More)
‘‘Friction’’ is so much part of everyday experience that our language generalizes the idea to the relations between individuals and nations. To manage and optimize this fact of life has always been an engineering problem, but the present is an age when scientists often choose problems for their complexity and relevance—and what could be more relevant than(More)
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