Janet Ruby

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The antiviral nature of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is generally well accepted. TNF appears to induce multiple antiviral mechanisms, and to synergize with interferon (IFN)-gamma in promoting antiviral activities. We infected TNF receptor (TNFR)-deficient mice with the virulent murine pathogen, ectromelia virus (EV), and observed that otherwise resistant(More)
Rat pancreases were minced and treated with collagenase or collagenase supplemented with chymotrypsin to yield a mixture of ducts, islets, acinar cell clusters, blood vessels, and nerves. Histologically and ultrastructurally, the isolated tissues resembled their in situ counterparts in most respects, the major difference being the destruction of the(More)
The prison population in the United States has grown steadily in the past 15 years. Farview State Hospital in Waymart, Pennsylvania annually provides service to approximately 350 to 400 inmates. This is less than 10 percent of the potential need for psychiatric treatment for the state. Emergency psychiatric admissions are a burden on the mental health(More)
A scanning electron microscopic (SEM) study of the digital long flexors of the human hand has provided a greater magnification and an increased resolution that facilitated the study of the architecture and the correlation of their structure to their functional activity. The observations are comparable to reports based on gross anatomic and light microscopic(More)
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