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During infection, Renibacterium salmoninarum survives within the pronephric macrophages of salmonid fish. Therefore, to study the initial phases of the interaction we infected macrophages with live bacteria and analysed the responses of host and pathogen. It was found that the expression of msa encoding the p57 antigen of R. salmoninarum, was constitutive,(More)
En exposant aux vapeurs de camphre un mycélium de l'Aspergillus midulans hétérocaryotique pour deux types de noyaux génétiquement marqués, on a obtenu des noyaux diploïdes hétérozygotes. Il est probable que ces noyaux diploïdes sont produits par l'inclusion dans un seul noyau de deux groupes haploïdes de chromosomes-fils résultant de la division de deux(More)
A radiation-induced translocation, T(IIR----IIIL), has been shown to be nonreciprocal and to have most of IIR, including its terminus, attached uninverted to the terminus of IIIL.--Progeny with the IIR segment in duplicate, obtained from crosses of T(IIR----IIIL) to strains with a standard genome, were unstable at mitosis; like earlier duplication strains,(More)