Janet Rae Brooks

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Once-daily administration of aminoglycoside antibiotics has become the most acceptable dosing schedule for the majority of patients. There are few published data on the impact of post-natal age on aminoglycoside concentrations in preterm infants receiving once-daily dosage regimens. Netilmicin was administered as a once-daily dose of 4 mg/kg. In 141(More)
As society grapples with contemporary moral questions raised by the barring of HIV-infected people from jobs and even crossing some national borders, it is probably useful to re-examine the case of Typhoid Mary. The case of Mary Mallon shows how an earlier age resolved the conflict that arises when society's right to protect itself from unnecessary exposure(More)
Kawasaki disease (KD) is a paediatric illness characterised by prolonged high fever, mucocutaneous lesions and lymphadenopathy. It is potentially fatal as coronary arteritis occurs in up to a third of affected children. We present a seven-year-old child who was admitted to hospital with neck pain and fever. Despite intravenous antibiotic therapy and a(More)
Australia's fabled Royal Flying Doctor Service recently undertook a soul-searching evaluation of its structure, operations and goals. Although there are no plans to stop providing emergency medical services to the residents of the outback, the service may refocus efforts on health promotion and prevention, since 75% of its work involves nonemergency care.(More)
Thanks to a partial ban on tobacco advertising and a concerted effort by antismoking advocates and hospitals, more than 100,000 people have quit smoking in Hong Kong in the last 3 years, giving the British territory one of the world's lowest smoking rates. This article examines initiatives behind the successful trend and identifies how Hong Kong is(More)