Janet Murray

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This research contributes to the understanding of global sourcing strategy of knowledge-intensive business services (KIBSs) by offering an explanation for the differential performance among firms, even when they use similar global sourcing strategies. Using a systems integrator as the sourcing firm’s perspective, the authors argue that complex KIBSs involve(More)
Received: 24 October 2002 Revised: 3 August 2004 Accepted: 5 August 2004 Online publication date: 28 October 2004 Abstract Although foreign multinational firms from the Triad regions increasingly use mainland China as both a sourcing and a marketing location, no study has directly examined the sourcing strategy–performance linkage. Using resource(More)
The merger of television and digital technology allows TV producers to author increasingly complex narratives, which pose new challenges for modern audiences. The prototype presented here is targeted at viewers of HBO's Game of Thrones and utilizes manipulatable, tightly synchronized spatial visualizations to concretize complex character relationships. A(More)
T he K12 Network offers worldwide telecommunications for teachers, students, and others interested in promoting global awareness and overcoming the limitations of distance in educatio~ serving students between the ages of 5 and 18 in public and private schools. K12Net is an "appropr ia te technology network on t raining wheels" for the vast major i ty of(More)
As monitoring mechanisms are critical to exporter–distributor relationships, the effectiveness of different types of monitoring mechanisms remains an important issue. Our study goes beyond the separate effects of monitoring mechanisms on opportunism, and tests the moderating effects of market orientation (MO) and norm-based information exchange on the(More)
United Universe is a second screen transmedia experience aimed at supporting understanding of a complex storyworld presented across media artifacts. Using the highly interconnected and allusive Marvel Cinematic Universe as a primary example, United Universe abstracts a story into the fundamental elements of characters, events, items, and locations, and(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify program characteristics that influence decision-making in the selection of continuing education (CE) offerings by registered nurses licensed in a state with mandatory CE. A sample of 238 nurses were asked to identify the level of importance for 35 CE program characteristics on a Likert-like scale. The data indicated(More)
THE REASONS that aged persons live independently or together with relatives are many and varied. There are financial and emotional motivations and factors related to health and convenience as well. The 1968 Social Security Survey of the Demographic and Economic Chxrncteristics of the Aged (DECA) provides a coherent and relatively recent body of data on the(More)