Janet McNaughton

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To study the influence of luminal nutrition on the structural and functional adaptive changes which are seen in the residual intestine after partial small bowel resection, quantitative histology, in vitro uptake of 14C l-leucine, mucosal enzyme activities, and in vivo absorption of glucose were studied before and 6 weeks after 50% proximal small bowel(More)
A myofibroblastoma occurring in the abdominal cavity of a 15 year old boy is described. This tumour was diagnosed as a low grade sarcoma by light microscopy but electron microscopy showed that the tumour was composed almost entirely of myofibroblasts and a few macrophages. Intermediate forms between myofibroblasts and macrophages were not seen nor were any(More)
CONTEXT Hemoglobinuria was observed after packed red blood cell transfusion in a series of patients at our pediatric treatment center. Laboratory testing was suggestive of intravascular hemolysis with no support for an immunohematologic process. OBJECTIVE We investigated these adverse events to define a quality improvement plan and to prevent future(More)
The effect of graphite addition on the mechanism of hydrogen uptake by titanium during mechanochemical activation in hydrogen flow was studied using kinetic, structural, microscopic, and spectroscopic techniques. As was found, already a small graphite admixture of about 0.5 wt % changed the kinetics of mechanically induced H2 sorption and significantly(More)
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