Janet Margarita Soto Padilla

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Here we describe a 2-step temporal phase unwrapping formula that uses 2-sensitivity demodulated phases for measuring static surfaces. The first phase demodulation has at most 1-wavelength sensitivity and the second one is G-times (G>>1.0) more sensitive. Measuring static surfaces with 2-sensitivity fringe patterns is well known and recent published methods(More)
Pixelated phase-mask interferograms have become an industry standard in spatial phase-shifting interferometry. These pixelated interferograms allow full wavefront encoding using a single interferogram. This allows the study of fast dynamic events in hostile mechanical environments. Recently an error-free demodulation method for ideal pixelated(More)
In this paper we describe a high-resolution, low-noise phase-shifting algorithm applied to 360 degree digitizing of solids with diffuse light scattering surface. A 360 degree profilometer needs to rotate the object a full revolution to digitize a three-dimensional (3D) solid. Although 360 degree profilometry is not new, we are proposing however a new(More)
We propose a novel synchronous phase-demodulation of pixelated interferograms using squared 3x3 phase-shifted unit-cells. This 3x3 unit-cell is tiled over the CCD image sensor to create a two-dimensional (2D) pixelated carrier. Our synchronous phase-demodulation uses this 2D carrier to demodulate the pixelated interferogram as in the standard 2x2 unit-cell(More)
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