Janet M Peerson

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BACKGROUND It is not known whether daily consumption of vitamin A-containing foods is efficacious for treating nightblindness. OBJECTIVE We assessed the effect of supplementation with vitamin A from food or synthetic sources on dark adaptation and plasma retinol concentrations in nightblind pregnant Nepali women. DESIGN Nightblind pregnant women were(More)
The observed variances in monthly weight and length gains of 96 Peruvian infants were compared with predicted variances obtained by applying the reference curve-fitting methods to the same Peruvian data. Predicted variance estimates were significantly less (P less than 0.0001) than the observed variances from 2 to 12 mo of age. The extent of underestimation(More)
lipid-based nutrient supplements provided to women during pregnancy and 6 mo postpartum and to their infants from 6 mo of age increase the mean attained length of 18-mo-old children in semi-urban Ghana: a randomized controlled trial ABSTRACT Background: Childhood stunting usually begins in utero and continues after birth; therefore, its reduction must(More)
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