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High-throughput MS/MS was used to identify proteins secreted by Fusarium graminearum (Gibberella zeae) during growth on 13 media in vitro and in planta during infection of wheat heads. In vitro secreted proteins were collected from the culture filtrates, and in planta proteins were collected by vacuum infiltration. A total of 289 proteins (229 in vitro and(More)
Based on the analysis of its genome sequence, the ectomycorrhizal (ECM) basidiomycetous fungus Laccaria bicolor was shown to be lacking many of the major classes of secreted enzymes that depolymerize plant cell wall polysaccharides. To test whether this is also a feature of other ECM fungi, we searched a survey genome database of Amanita bisporigera with(More)
The class IV homeodomain leucine zipper transcription factor GLABRA2 (GL2) acts in a complex regulatory circuit that regulates the differentiation of trichomes in Arabidopsis thaliana. We describe a genetic interaction with HOMEODOMAIN GLABROUS11 (HDG11), previously identified as a negative regulator of trichome branching. gl2 hdg11 double mutants display(More)
Glucosylceramides (GlcCer), glucose-conjugated sphingolipids, are major components of the endomembrane system and plasma membrane in most eukaryotic cells. Yet the quantitative significance and cellular functions of GlcCer are not well characterized in plants and other multi-organ eukaryotes. To address this, we examined Arabidopsis lines that were lacking(More)
Two fungal-secreted α-fucosidases and their genes were characterized. FoFCO1 was purified from culture filtrates of Fusarium oxysporum strain 0685 grown on l-fucose and its encoding gene identified in the sequenced genome of strain 4287. FoFCO1 was active on p-nitrophenyl-α-fucoside (pNP-Fuc), but did not defucosylate a nonasaccharide (XXFG) fragment of pea(More)
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