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The Collaborative Software Inspection (CSI) tool, which provides a distributed, structured environment for performing inspections on all software-development products, including specifications, designs, code, and test cases, is described. The inspection environment lets geographically distributed inspection participants meet with people in other cities(More)
Several years ago a group of our computer science faculty began seriously examining initial programming instruction. We discovered a shared perception that too many students don't write reasonable programs even after completing a semester course in programming. Others have noted the same may even be true after the second course (e.g., [1]). There is cause(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to determine the most appropriate management of the subcutaneous tissue of midline vertical incisions with 3 cm or more of subcutaneous fat. STUDY DESIGN Patients undergoing surgery within the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at University of South Florida and East Tennessee State University with 3 cm or more of(More)
This clinical review article on the combined use of JOBST FarrowWrap and Cutimed® Sorbion® Sachet XL uses a case study methodology to demonstrate how effective this approach is in managing superficial ulceration and/or lymphorrhea in the presence of chronic oedema and lymphoedema. The blend of these symptoms causes significant physical and psychosocial(More)
This paper describes a class that we developed at the University of Northern Iowa to address covering the topics suggested in ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula 1991 [1]. All junior level students take this course, and thus are ensured of a minimum introduction to the topics of software engineering, database management, human computer interfaces, and computer(More)
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