Janet M. Cook

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Following a detailed information technology survey in the South West Deanery, an Internet educational programme in reproductive medicine was constructed, delivered and assessed. The course followed a problem-based approach using case studies, using an education website and electronic mail (e-mail) to communicate between trainees and trainers. Independent(More)
This laboratory has previously used a window chamber model to measure red blood cell velocity in mammary tumors and normal granulation tissues of the F-344 rat. Because red cell flux and hematocrit more accurately reflect the oxygen carrying potential of blood, we used this model to measure these parameters. Red blood cells were labelled with fluorescein(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine UK orthodontic consultants' attitudes to the provision of orthodontic advice to general dental practitioners by electronic means. DESIGN Questionnaire. SETTING Conducted by email and surface mail as appropriate in August 2000. SUBJECTS All those UK NHS orthodontic consultants contained in the membership lists of the Consultant(More)
An online teledentistry service was tested for eight months to determine whether it could help to reduce the high level of inappropriate orthodontic referrals to consultants and provide general dental practitioners (GDPs) with quick access to advice that would enable them to tackle a wider range of cases themselves. Six GDPs took part in the trial and were(More)
For more than 3 years members of the TeleDent team from Bristol University have been looking at the potential of videoconferencing technology for dentistry. Here they explain what videoconferencing is and how it can help the GDP. They discuss examples of its most promising uses for the profession, which include professional updating and providing diagnostic(More)
This article tackles two of the challenges faced by instructors teaching elementary programming courses: I. How can we make students more aware of the security concepts of their discipline, such as the need to promote data integrity in programs, without lengthening our current curricula? 2. How can we give students plausible occasions to use subprocedures(More)
College students do not automatically possess basic standards of acceptable and unacceptable behavior with regard to computer hardware, software, and data sets. For their sake and our own we need to spell out what is expected of them. Universities like mine have stated that students cannot be penalized or dismissed for theft or for damage to(More)
A prototype teledentistry service was established that incorporated a PC-based expert system designed to assist in orthodontic cases. It guided the general dental practitioner (GDP) through the assessment of a patient's malocclusion and helped ensure that all relevant clinical observations were made and details recorded. The resulting data file, containing(More)
Students think that security is crime prevention, someone else's business. In fact, security is error prevention and is everybody's business. At government and industrial conferences employers complain that C.S. and C.I.S. graduates<list><item>1) don't see security as a significant factor in getting their jobs done, and </item><item>2) don't have a clear(More)