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BACKGROUND Well-being and various forms of agitation in people with dementia can be improved in a person-centered long-term care setting. Data obtained during the Person-Centered Dementia Care and Environment (PerCEN) randomized controlled trial shed light on the factors that influenced the adoption and outcomes of person-centered interventions in long-term(More)
This article tackles two of the challenges faced by instructors teaching elementary programming courses: I. How can we make students more aware of the security concepts of their discipline, such as the need to promote data integrity in programs, without lengthening our current curricula? 2. How can we give students plausible occasions to use subprocedures(More)
College students do not automatically possess basic standards of acceptable and unacceptable behavior with regard to computer hardware, software, and data sets. For their sake and our own we need to spell out what is expected of them. Universities like mine have stated that students cannot be penalized or dismissed for theft or for damage to(More)
Students think that security is crime prevention, someone else's business. In fact, security is error prevention and is everybody's business. At government and industrial conferences employers complain that C.S. and C.I.S. graduates<list><item>1) don't see security as a significant factor in getting their jobs done, and </item><item>2) don't have a clear(More)
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