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Hydroxamic acids in Aegilops species and effects on Rhopalosiphum padi behaviour and fecundity
As an environmentally compatible alternative to the use of conventional insecticides to control cereal aphids, the possibility of exploiting natural resistance to insect pests in wheat species wasExpand
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Medieval Russia, 980-1584
Acknowledgments 1. The Era of Vladimir 1 2. Princes and politics (1015-1125) 3. Kievan Rus' society 4. Kievan Rus': the final century 5. The Golden Horde 6. The Russian lands within the Golden HordeExpand
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A novel, point‐of‐care, whole‐blood assay utilizing dielectric spectroscopy is sensitive to coagulation factor replacement therapy in haemophilia A patients
Reliable monitoring of coagulation factor replacement therapy in patients with severe haemophilia, especially those with inhibitors, is an unmet clinical need. While useful, global assays, egExpand
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Metaphor and Thought
The Golden Horde
During the first decades of the thirteenth century, while the princes of Volynia, Chernigov, and Smolensk were disputing the throne of Kiev and the descendants of Vsevolod were concentrating theirExpand