Janet L. Sutton

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Military staff performing command and control functions require a unique set of skills when working in a multinational environment that are not typically taught in national or NATO training venues. It is vital to be able to navigate the challenges of culture during information exchange regarding team tasks, goals and mission, response sequencing, time and(More)
Opioids and receptor antagonists of excitatory amino acids attenuate mechanical allodynia and thermal hyperalgesia in animal models of neuropathic pain. Recently, a kainate receptor antagonist, 2S,4R-4-methylglutamate, has been developed but has not been tested for antinociceptive effects in animal models of neuropathic pain. We evaluated whether(More)
Most research on culture and cognition uses self-report tasks such as paper and pencil questionnaires. Such tasks are inexpensive , quick, and easy to score, but they are vulnerable to response bias and manipulation effects. Action-based or performance tasks can be more absorbing and permit more of someone's natural behavior to emerge but are rarer due to(More)
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