Janet L Gray

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The affixation of FGF-1 to porous vascular grafts has been reported to stimulate capillary ingrowth and surface endothelialization. The current study further characterizes responses to fibroblast growth factor (FGF)-1 affixation to 30-cm-long grafts followed 140 days. ePTFE grafts (30 cm x 8 mm i.d.), 60 microns internodal distance, were impregnated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize animals with microchips entering animal shelters and the process used to find owners. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. ANIMALS 7,704 microchipped animals entering 53 animal shelters between August 2007 and March 2008. PROCEDURES Data for animals with microchips were recorded by participating animal shelters and reported monthly.(More)
Monocyte/macrophages play an important role in the development of atherosclerosis. Electron microscopic evidence suggests that in the early stages, lipid laden monocytes leave the lesion to reenter the circulation. This reverse monocyte traffic ceases as the lesion develops. We hypothesize that monocyte/macrophages may not be able to exit the lesion and(More)
The Department of Pharmacy in a 1200-bed private teaching hospital was seeking additional ways to inform the medical staff of pharmaceutical services and decided to participate as an exhibitor in an established pharmaceutical representative display. The format for the display consisted of three different exhibitors twice weekly in a centrally located area(More)