Janet Koslovsky

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We have isolated cDNAs encoding a second member of the dilute (myosin-V) unconventional myosin family in vertebrates, myr 6 (myosin from rat 6). Expression of myr 6 transcripts in the brain is much more limited than is the expression of dilute, with highest levels observed in choroid plexus and components of the limbic system. We have mapped the myr 6 locus(More)
Bright/ARID3A is a nuclear matrix-associated transcription factor that stimulates immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) expression and Cyclin E1/E2F-dependent cell cycle progression. Bright positively activates IgH transcriptional initiation by binding to ATC-rich P sites within nuclear matrix attachment regions (MARs) flanking the IgH intronic enhancer (Emu).(More)
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