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The purpose of this study was to compare human endothelial cells from Schlemm's canal (SCEs) and the trabecular meshwork (TMEs) in terms of ZO-1 isoform expression, hydraulic conductivity (HC) properties, and "giant" vacuole (GV) formation. The principal study methods were Western blot, RT-PCR, immunofluorescence, and perfusion chambers. Blot signals for(More)
Amino acids are available to plants in some soils in significant amounts, and plants frequently make use of these nitrogen sources. The goal of this study was to identify transporters involved in the uptake of amino acids into root cells. Based on the fact that high concentrations of amino acids inhibit plant growth, we hypothesized that mutants tolerating(More)
The rapid growth and ruthless metastasis of tumors demand effective broad immune responses. Dendritic cells (DCs) are critical in developing tumor vaccines. Recent investigations have been focused on modifying tumor antigens to target DCs to induce immune responses efficiently in vivo. In this study, human hsp70 was fused to the extracellular domain of rat(More)
Administration of anti-CD25 mAb before an aggressive murine breast tumor inoculation provoked effective antitumor immunity. Compared with CD4(+) T cells purified from anti-CD25 mAb-pretreated mice that did not reject tumor, CD4(+) T cells purified from anti-CD25 mAb-pretreated mice that rejected tumor stimulated by dendritic cells (DCs) produced more(More)
— There are a number of packet-loss recovery techniques proposed for streaming audio applications recently. However, there are few works that are able to exploit the tradeoff between the recovery quality and the computational complexity. In this paper, we develop a recovery method, called DSPWR (Double Sided Pitch Waveform Replication) which is able to(More)
Free amino acids (FAAs) in soil are an important N source for plants, and abundances are predicted to shift under altered atmospheric conditions such as elevated CO2. Composition, plant uptake capacity, and plant and microbial use of FAAs relative to inorganic N forms were investigated in a temperate semiarid grassland exposed to experimental warming and(More)
Endocrinologists are encountering patients with obesity-related complications such as metabolic syndrome (MetS) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) on a daily basis. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a liver condition characterized by insulin resistance, hepatic steatosis and frequently T2DM. This is now the most common chronic liver condition in(More)
Soil amino acids are often an important source of nitrogen (N) for plants, and anticipated global changes, including climate warming and rising atmospheric CO2 levels, have the potential to alter plant and microbial production and consumption of this N source in soils. We determined soil amino acid composition over a 1-year period at diurnal and seasonal(More)
QUESTIONS: Whether or not cooperation can be enhanced if players with a performance higher than the mean are forced to pay an additional cost in each generation? MATHEMATICAL METHODS: Analysis of replicator dynamics with mutation. The ESS distribution of cooperation level is obtained. KEY ASSUMPTIONS: Players engage in cooperative dilemma game, and at the(More)
A highly stereoselective and scalable synthesis of L-allo-enduracididine from hydroxyproline derivative is described. Pyrrolidine oxidation and reductive ring opening are the key steps in the synthesis. Compared to previously reported approaches, the current route affords l-allo-enduracididine in 10 steps from 3 in 31% overall yield with >50:1(More)