Janet J.-C. Chen

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— There are a number of packet-loss recovery techniques proposed for streaming audio applications recently. However, there are few works that are able to exploit the tradeoff between the recovery quality and the computational complexity. In this paper, we develop a recovery method, called DSPWR (Double Sided Pitch Waveform Replication) which is able to(More)
Administration of anti-CD25 mAb before an aggressive murine breast tumor inoculation provoked effective antitumor immunity. Compared with CD4(+) T cells purified from anti-CD25 mAb-pretreated mice that did not reject tumor, CD4(+) T cells purified from anti-CD25 mAb-pretreated mice that rejected tumor stimulated by dendritic cells (DCs) produced more(More)
QUESTIONS: Whether or not cooperation can be enhanced if players with a performance higher than the mean are forced to pay an additional cost in each generation? MATHEMATICAL METHODS: Analysis of replicator dynamics with mutation. The ESS distribution of cooperation level is obtained. KEY ASSUMPTIONS: Players engage in cooperative dilemma game, and at the(More)
Free amino acids (FAAs) in soil are an important N source for plants, and abundances are predicted to shift under altered atmospheric conditions such as elevated CO2. Composition, plant uptake capacity, and plant and microbial use of FAAs relative to inorganic N forms were investigated in a temperate semiarid grassland exposed to experimental warming and(More)
Fungal acquisition of resources is difficult to assess in the field. To determine whether fungi received carbon from recent plant photosynthate, litter or soil-derived organic (C:N bonded) nitrogen, we examined differences in δ13C among bulk tissue, structural carbon, and protein extracts of sporocarps of three fungal types: saprotrophic fungi, fungi with(More)
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