Janet Incerpi

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This paper describes the organization of the CENTAUR system and its main components. The system is a generic interactive environment. When given the formal specification of a particular programming language-including syntax and semantics — it produces a language specific environment. This resulting environment includes a structure editor, an(More)
The running time of Shellsort, with the number of passes restricted to O(log N), was thought for some time to be Θ(N3/2), due to general results of Pratt. Sedgewick recently gave an O(N4/3) bound, but extensions of his method to provide better bounds seem to require new results on a classical problem in number theory. In this paper, we use a(More)
This paper describes a new method for triangulating a simple n-sided polygon. The algorithm runs in time O(n log s), with s _< n. The quantity s measures the sinuosity of the polygon, that is, the number of times the boundary alternates between complete spirals of opposite orientation. The value of s is in practice a very small constant, even for extremely(More)
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  • 2007
in this strategy the response becomes complete transparently when all futures are handled. Due to the space limitation we can neither discuss in detail all aspects of these strategies nor compare them. We can not also present the implementation with the Typol formalism. This work will be done in the full version. 5 Conclusion In this article, we have(More)
1. Introduction The Centaur system is a generic interactive environment parameterized by the syntax and the semantics of programming languages. When provided with the description of a particular programming language {including its syntax and semantics{ it produces a language speciic environment. The resulting environment consists of a structure editor, an(More)