Janet Incerpi

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This paper describes the organization of the CENTAUR system and its main components. The system is a generic interactive environment. When given the formal specification of a particular programming language-including syntax and semantics — it produces a language specific environment. This resulting environment includes a structure editor, an(More)
in this strategy the response becomes complete transparently when all futures are handled. Due to the space limitation we can neither discuss in detail all aspects of these strategies nor compare them. We can not also present the implementation with the Typol formalism. This work will be done in the full version. 5 Conclusion In this article, we have(More)
1. Introduction The Centaur system is a generic interactive environment parameterized by the syntax and the semantics of programming languages. When provided with the description of a particular programming language {including its syntax and semantics{ it produces a language speciic environment. The resulting environment consists of a structure editor, an(More)
A complete, exible compiler construction system. Simplicity Only simple imperative updates and drawings of control and data ow graphs are used to specify the language. Only 28 diierent symbols (for variables, macros, e.t.c.) are used in addition to the symbols introduced by the EBNF syntax-rules. The whole textual speciication of static and dynamic(More)