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blood from mice is necessary for a wide variety of scientific studies, and there are a number of efficient methods available. It is important to remember that blood collection, because it can stress the animals, may have an impact on the outcome of research data. In addition, it is extremely important that those who collect blood become skilled in the(More)
The dynamics of ovarian and pituitary hormone changes during the midcycle period were evaluated. Changes in hormone levels were determined at 2-h intervals for 5 consecutive days during the periovulatory phase of the cycle in five women. During the 50 h preceding the onset of the surge, the rates of increments for estradiol (E2), progesterone (P4), and LH(More)
Selective localization of active proteins to patterns or specific sites is important for development of biosensors, bioMEMS, tissue engineering, and basic proteomic research. We present a flexible technique for selectively patterning bioactive proteins with nanoscale resolution using nanoimprint lithography and fluoropolymer surface passivation, and(More)
The disappearance rate of the immunoreactive beta h-endorphin and the effects of beta h-endorphin on pituitary hormone secretion were investigated in normal volunteers. Synthetic human beta h-endorphin was administered as a 2.5-mg iv bolus to five normal women resulting in a 1000-fold increase in concentration of circulating immunoreactive beta h-endorphin(More)
The relative activity and functional relationships between the 2 pools of pitutiary luteinizing hormone (LH) during the course of the menstrual cycle were investigated in 20 regularly cycling women. Gonadotropin and ovarian steroid levels were determined. Subjects were infused with a low dose of LRF (.2 mcg/minute) for 4 hours. At the moment infusion was(More)
Treatment of C57BL/6 mice with cyclophosphamide (100 mg/kg) and fludarabine (200 mg/kg) induced nonmyeloablative lymphodepletion without inhibiting D5 melanoma tumor growth. Using this model, we found that induction of lymphopenia before adoptive transfer of ex vivo anti-CD3/CD28 activated and interleukin-2 expanded D5-G6 tumor draining lymph node cells(More)
The in-vitro test of rat interstitial cell testosterone secretion and a radioimmunoassay (RIA) were used to explore the nature of the LH released in women in response to LH-RH. The ratio of in-vitro bioactivity to immunoreactivity (B:I) calculated for serum samples collected from hypogonadal women using the standard LER-907 for comparison was 13.25 +/-(More)
Hydrophobic particles in water and hydrophilic particles in oil aggregate, but can form colloidal dispersions if their surfaces are chemically camouflaged with surfactants, organic tethers, adsorbed polymers or other particles that impart affinity for the solvent and increase interparticle repulsion. A different strategy for modulating the interaction(More)
The 24-h patterns of plasma concentration change in dopamine (DA) and its immediate deaminated metabolite, dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC), were determined in 6 normal women (16 studies) by a modified radioenzymatic assay. Changes in DOPAC levels exhibited a marked circadian rhythm, with peak during the day and a nadir at night. At 1200 h, the DOPAC(More)