Janet Hilton

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(18) Murray, J. W. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 1974, 46, 357. (19) Truitt, R. E.; Weber, J. H. Water Res. 1979,13,1171-1177. (20) Box, G. E. P.; Hunter, W. G.; Hunter, J. S. “Statistics for Experimenters”; Wiley: New York, 1978; Chapter 10. (21) Donard, 0. F. X.; Weber, J. H. “Abstracts of Papers”, 14th Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical(More)
Five different water sampling techniques have been compared in a series of lakes. In deep lakes, no significant differences were observed between mean summer nutrient concentrations measured in (i) a tube sample integrating over the photic zone taken from the deepest point; (ii) a surface dip sample taken at the deepest point; (iii) a surface dip sample(More)
The objectives were to evaluate temporal variation in 1 3 7 Cs in trout and charr from Crummock Water, Wastwater, Ennerdale Water, and to compare levels in trout from six lakes (above three + Windermere, Loweswater, Devoke Water) and charr from four lakes (above three + Windermere). Fish were caught between June 1986 and October 1988, chiefly with fyke nets(More)
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