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This paper reports research to investigate how tourist organisations based in Africa acquire, disseminate and apply knowledge through their websites. Interactivity is the key to put information into context to become knowledge. A survey found there are some interactive knowledge-transfer tools provided on the websites of African tourist organisations , but(More)
The accessory beta subunits of voltage-dependent potassium (Kv) channels form tetramers arranged with 4-fold rotational symmetry like the membrane-integral and pore-forming alpha subunits (Gulbis, J. M., Mann, S., and MacKinnon, R. (1999) Cell. 90, 943-952). The crystal structure of the Kvbeta2 subunit shows that Kvbeta subunits are oxidoreductase enzymes(More)
In a longitudinal study of HIV seropositive patients, there were fluctuations in the specificity of cytotoxic T cells for the virus. This was matched by variability in proviral gag DNA epitope sequences in the lymphocytes of these patients. Some of these viral variants are not recognized by autologous T cells. Accumulation of such mutations in T-cell(More)
Allatostatins (ASTs) of the Tyr/Phe-Xaa-Phe-Gly Leu/Ile-NH2 family are a group of insect neuropeptides that inhibit juvenile hormone biosynthesis by the corpora allata. We have obtained genomic DNA sequences that specify the preproallatostatin precursor for the cockroaches, Blatta orientalis, Blattella germanica, Blaberus (cranufer and Supella longipalpa.(More)
Considering some aspects of the motor industry as an example, this paper outlines strategic opportunities for e-commerce-enabled supply chains and, hence, greatly improved responses to customers. The authors demonstrate that there will be resulting strategic advantage for firms that become enabled to take a further step of making changes to their much wider(More)