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This paper reports research to investigate how tourist organisations based in Africa acquire, disseminate and apply knowledge through their websites. Interactivity is the key to put information into context to become knowledge. A survey found there are some interactive knowledge-transfer tools provided on the websites of African tourist organisations , but(More)
The recommendations described in this paper are a continuation of research previously reported in the Telematics and Informatics journal. This paper explains how the tourism organisations from sub-Saharan Africa can evolve their websites into marketing tools and how they can overcome the impediments to e-commerce adoption and usage. The recommendations also(More)
Considering some aspects of the motor industry as an example, this paper outlines strategic opportunities for e-commerce-enabled supply chains and, hence, greatly improved responses to customers. The authors demonstrate that there will be resulting strategic advantage for firms that become enabled to take a further step of making changes to their much wider(More)
OBJECTIVES Postintubation hemodynamic instability (PIHI) is a potentially life-threatening adverse event of emergent endotracheal intubation. The objectives of this study were to determine the incidence, risk factors, and impact on patient outcomes associated with PIHI in intubations performed in emergency medicine. METHODS A structured chart audit was(More)