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Game preservation is a critical issue for game studies. Access to historic materials forms a vital core to research and this field is no different. However, there are serious challenges to overcome for preservationists in terms of developing a strategic and inclusion programme to retain access to obsolete games. Emulation, as a strategy already applied by(More)
BACKGROUND Self-Completed Recall and Analysis of Nutrition (scran24) is a prototype computerised 24-h recall system for use with 11-16 year olds. It is based on the Multiple Pass 24-h Recall method and includes prompts and checks throughout the system for forgotten food items. METHODS AND RESULTS The development of scran24 was informed by an extensive(More)
It is becoming increasingly common for some source material to arrive on our desks after having been transferred to digital format, but little of the material on which we work was actually born digital. Anyone whose work is being done today is likely to leave behind very little that is not digital. Being digital changes everything. This article discusses(More)
1. This biographical piece examines the life and work of the inventive researcher, memory maker, and electrical engineer par excellence, Frederic Calland Williams, whose contribution to the building of the Manchester Baby—the world's first electronic stored-program computer—was so invaluable. Williams is commonly, but incorrectly,(More)
  • Janet Delve
  • 2009
INTRODUCTION Data Warehousing is now a well-established part of the business and scientific worlds. However, up until recently , data warehouses were restricted to modeling essentially numerical data – examples being sales figures in the business arena (e.g. Wal-Mart's data warehouse) and astronomical data (e.g. SKICAT) in scientific research, with textual(More)
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